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Whether in the chemical industry or the pharmaceutical industry, a large amount of wastewater containing high salinity and high concentration will be produced d...
1. The waste water can reach the reuse standard or discharge standard in one step after evaporation; 2. The two steps of wastewater concentration and wastewate...
Steam: raw steam flows into the first-effect heating chamber, and the secondary steam from it flows into the second-effect heating chamber as heating steam. The...
Evaporation is one of the modern chemical unit operations, that is to vaporize and remove part of the solvent in the solution by heating to improve the concentr...
1. The equipment is composed of heater, evaporator, condenser, water collecting tank, defoamer, transfer pump, drainage pump, etc. 2. According to the characte...
The forced circulation evaporation crystallizer uses the forced circulation process to evaporate and crystallize the materials. During the evaporation and cryst...
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