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The waste water evaporator is reasonably configured and easy to operate
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1. The equipment is composed of heater, evaporator, condenser, water collecting tank, defoamer, transfer pump, drainage pump, etc.
2. According to the characteristics of wastewater or sewage, the equipment is made of anti-corrosion materials.
3. The waste water can reach the standard at one time or be used as pretreatment measures for subsequent processes. Some of the waste water can be reused after evaporation to save the cost of tap water.
4. Vacuum decompression operation is adopted to increase the temperature difference of evaporation and improve the production capacity of evaporation intensity.
5. With multi-effect evaporation, the second and third steam can be reused, with remarkable energy-saving effect, convenient operation and simple installation.
6. Compact structure, small station area, reasonable and convenient configuration of instrument valves.

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