YK series swing particle machine
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YK series swing particle machine
Description:YK series swing type particle machine is mainly used for manufacturing various specifications of particles in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. After drying, it can be used to suppress all kinds of molded products. This machine can also be used to crush dry materials that condense into blocks. . Material contacts are made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning, simple operation, low energy consumption.

Principle of operation
     The agitated material is made into particles of a desired size, or the agglomerated material is made into small particles.

   Adaptable Materials
     This machine is suitable for granulation in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, solid beverage and other industries.

   Technical specifications

Production capacity50-200 kg/h50-400 kg/h
Motor Power2.2kw7.5kw
Roller speed65rpm65rpm
Swing angle360 o360 o
Roller diameterΦ160mmΦ320mm

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