QG, JG, FG series air dryer
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QG, JG, FG series air dryer
Description:Air dryer is a large batch of drying equipment. It adopts the principle of instantaneous drying. It uses the rapid movement of hot air to drive wet materials and suspends wet materials in hot air. This strengthens the entire drying process and improves the The rate of heat and mass transfer, the material dried by air flow, the non-bonded moisture can be almost completely removed, and the dried material will not be degenerated, and the output can be dry...

QG series pulse air dryer is a large batch of drying equipment  . It adopts the principle of instantaneous drying. It uses the rapid movement of hot air to drive the wet material and suspends the wet material in the hot air. This strengthens the whole drying process and improves The rate of heat and mass transfer, the material dried by the airflow, the non-bonded moisture can be almost completely removed (for example, the moisture content of starch and other materials is less than or equal to 40%, the finished material can be 13.5%), and the dried material No deterioration will occur, and the output can be significantly improved compared to the drying of general dryers. Users can achieve higher economic benefits in the short term.

   Application scope
     The company manufactures and manufactures QG air-flow drying equipment, introduces advanced technology equipments from the United States, and has been uniquely designed to reach world-class advanced level. This product has high automation, low investment, low energy consumption, and occupies manpower and factory area. Less common and widely used, it is the ideal modern equipment.

   Product Features
     QG air dryer is suitable for drying and dehumidifying powdery materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials, plastic and other industries. For example: starch, fish meal, salt, distiller's grains, feed, gluten, plastic resin, mineral powder, pulverized coal , Chloronic acid, A · S · C simple butyric acid, 2 · 3 · acid, polychloroacetic acid polypropylene, sodium sulfate, sodium metabisulfite and other materials drying.
     Our company consulted with the air drying equipment and designed and manufactured the non-fixed air dryer.

   Technical specifications

Moisture evaporationKg/h501002505001500
air filterArea (m2)46183660
Number of stations11122
Replacement time (h)200 (filter bag)200 (filter bag)200 (filter bag)200 (filter bag)200 (filter bag)
HeaterArea (m2)3043186365940
Steam consumption (kg)1202354509722430
Working pressure (Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Number of stations11124
Power (kw)7.51118.537125
FeederDelivery volume (kg/h)15029072517404350
control methodElectromagnetic speed regulating motorElectromagnetic speed regulating motorElectromagnetic speed regulating motorElectromagnetic speed regulating motorElectromagnetic speed regulating motor
Power (kw)0.61.1337.5
Cyclone separatormodelCLK-350-400CLK-500-450ZF12.5ZF12.5
Bag filterQuantity11111
Water Consumption3.6-20.0

JG series air dryer

working principle

  JG series air dryer from readily dehydrated particles, powder materials, the rapid removal of water (mostly the water surface). In air drying, the quality of the dried product is best controlled due to the short residence time of the material in the dryer. The enhanced airflow drying of our factory is based on the addition of a set of fortifiers capable of stepless speed adjustment on the basic model. The wet material is mixed with the hot air flow after entering the fortifier through the screw feeder, and is crushed and propelled by the rapidly rotating knife. Next, the material is broken into fine particles, which moves toward the outlet while drying, and finally enters the drying tube under the suction of the wind, and is further evenly dried. Wet and heavy particles that cannot be attracted by wind continue to be crushed and dried until they can be sucked into the drying tube by the wind.

   The main purpose  
     The machine is especially suitable for materials with large moisture content, wet material is paste-like, can not be dried by other air drying methods, such as: white carbon black, copolymer of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride, cellulose acetate fiber, catalyst , CMC, CT-1 resin, forging gypsum, electrolytic manganese dioxide, ammonium sulfonium sulfonate, fluorspar, diatomaceous earth, silica gel catalyst, bone powder, high territories, potassium perchlorate sulfonamide, synthetic resin, active gluten , activated clay, chemical filter cake, rutile type white powder, sebacic acid, copper sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sodium sulfate, calcium phosphate, phosphate esterified starch, dyes, calcium citrate, slime, dough-shaped bread filling rice bran , clay, clay cement, urea, bentonite, spherical clay, aluminum hydroxide, barium hydroxide, calcium lactate, food, washed highland, cyanuric acid, gypsum paddles, lime, biological products, carbon black, calcium carbonate slurry, Sludge sludge, organic chemicals, aluminum stearate, iron oxide, organic fuels, corn protein feed, wet mud, mica powder, pharmaceuticals, pigments, potassium dichromate pulp, distiller's grains, etc.

Technical specifications

modelEvaporation moisture kg/h
(calculated by surface moisture)
Installed power kwLand area m 2Height m
JG 505010209
JG 100100203211
JG 200*200314011
JG 250250326413
JG 500*500549613
JG 1000*1,00013512015
JG 1500*150017520016
Note: Those with * are secondary drying, installed power, and the area is calculated by steam heating.

FG series air dryer

working principle

  The working principle of the FG series airflow dryer is to complete the drying of the wet material in two steps. The raw materials are firstly subjected to positive pressure drying by a mixture of secondary drying tail gas and supplementary hot air, and the used high temperature and low humidity tail gas is discharged outside the machine. The dried semi-finished products are dried by fresh hot air and subjected to secondary negative pressure. Dry finished measuring packaging. The used high-temperature and low-humidity exhaust gas is used as a first-stage drying to complete a good cycle drying process. The amount of supplemental hot air can be arbitrarily adjusted as required, so that the machine has wide applicability.

   Adaptable Materials
     This equipment is widely used for the drying of powdery and granular materials in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries. The products that have been used in this series are: starch, glucose, fish powder, sugar, sugar, wine trough, feed, gluten, plastic resin, coal powder, dyes, etc.

   Technical specifications

modelEvaporation moisture (kg/h)Installed power kwLand area m 2Thermal efficiency(%)

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